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Subject: Chill Wills / Joes Place
Name: Dennis Wills
E-mail address: Aseeker1953 [at] yahoo [dot] com
Location: Amarillo, TX

#6 Comment (Wed Apr 6, 15:37:21 EDT 2011):
I really enjoyed the stories about Chill Wills & Joe's Place.

Subject: Chill Wills
Name: R. Felmet
E-mail address: felmet [at] sbcglobal [dot] net
Location: Texas

#5 Comment (Wed Sep 29, 21:19:12 EDT 2010):
Nice site. I'll be back

Subject: small town hoodlems
Name: Will Meyer
E-mail address: wmeyerok [at] pldi [dot] net
Location: Ames, Ok

#4 Comment (Sun Feb 21, 5:33:04 EST 2010):
Having read 'Boots" book I am glad my dad grew up in Cherokee 30 years after them Hammer
boys and that Askins kid. He would have been right in the midst of them and in more trouble than he
stirred up in Cherokee and Ingersol. My mother-in-law remembers all of them well! The Hammers and
Mr Askins that is. Their kind are missed and will be remembered only by these stories you have
taken the time to post. Thank you

Subject: Love your website!
Name: David Romine
E-mail address: admin [at] davidwromine [dot] com
Location: Shattuck, Ok.

#3 Comment (Mon Jan 18, 0:52:20 EST 2010):
Hey, Bruce. Cool website. I will explore it further. You must be something of a parrothead, right?
That will make my bud, Jeff Pike of A1A, a happy guy. Talk soon, Dave.

Subject: Fascinating!
Name: Lori
E-mail address:
Location: Kentucky

#2 Comment (Sun Nov 29, 15:52:51 EST 2009):
Randomly found your site and was engrossed in the history of your family and friends! Really

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